Lateral StepperLooking for a small, compact piece of personal fitness equipment that will help to tone your whole body? Try the Lateral Stepper, even available in a fold away version.

What Is A Lateral Stepper?

The Lateral Stepper is an exercise equipment featuring two steps that move up /down as well as side-to-side (lateral).The side movement mimics a bit the movement when skiing.

Lateral StepperAn exercise stepperĀ  is designed to tone all major muscle groups of your legs and lower abdomen. Some Lateral Steppers feature additional banded pulls to include a upper body workout.

Most Lateral Steppers are very compact in design. You can get full size models with support handles, mini sizes or fold-able steppers that can be stored beneath furniture

How Does A Lateral Stepper Work?

A Lateral Stepper targets the calves, quadriceps, thighs, hips, and glute muscles. It consists of two shoe sized steps mounted on a steel frame.

When exercising the steps move up and down as well as gently side to side, mimicking the motions created while skiing. Your legs are forced to move in multiple directions at once, directing the feet up and outwards while pulling the inner thighs back and together.

Most types of Lateral Stepper are paired with resistance bands or cords. These rubber pulls are attached to the base of the steps and can be heldĀ  while exercising. This engages the arms and the core of the body as well as the legs, creating a more even, full body workout.

Using the bands also increases stability and balance by challenging the core to remain solid while the lower body is moved in different directions.

The resistance of most Lateral Stepper machines can be lowered to focus more on a cardio workout that induces a high heart rate, or increased to focus on toning and strength training.

Is A Lateral Stepper Right For Me?

A lateral stepper is the right equipment if you don’t have a lot of space but still want a full body workout.

In addition to strength and toning exercise it will also help to improve your balance and therefore your core strength. If your balance is an issue make sure you get a model with support handles to hold on to if need be.

What Do You Get?

There is a wide choice of Lateral Stepper on the market. It very much depends on your budget, your space and what extras you want to have.

Starting with the very basic model which is just the stepper you find models with all kinds of add ons or special designs:

  • Fold-able or fixed
  • with support handles or exercise bands
  • Mechanical step counter
  • Self leveling, anti-slip pedals
  • Display for time, count, distance, calories burned
  • Workout DVD, floor mat, weight loss tips

The Lateral Stepper can be a lot of fun, you can exercise anywhere in your home and watch a good movie at the same time while getting fit without the need for a lot of space. And in addition to the normal up-down movement of walking up stairs with a Lateral Stepper you get the additional workout of your inner thighs. A good choice.

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  1. Steppers are very popular with the girls, I know a friend of Belinda’s can spend a whole gym session on the stepper alone.

    They would be a great work out machine, if you don’t have a lot of room at home.

  2. An informative post on lateral steppers. I prefer to exercise at home (and while watching tv), so Lateral Steppers sound like a great idea, and at the same time, not taking up a lot of space.

  3. Personal Fitness Adviser

    Hi Cade,

    you should try the Stepper as well, it is a great piece of fitness equipment, not only for girls ;)

  4. Personal Fitness Adviser

    Thanks Carolyn, very happy that you enjoyed the post.
    A lot of us don’t have unlimited space at home and a Lateral Stepper gives you great workout with minimal space needed.

  5. I love the Lateral Stepper idea as it is such a neat and small piece of equipment that can easily fit under the bed. It works on all these problem areas for us women!

  6. I will definitely get a lateral stepper. I’m convinced with it’s functionality.

  7. Personal Fitness Adviser

    Hi Levy,
    that is a great decision. A Lateral Stepper is a great piece of personal fitness equipment!

  8. This seems like a lot of value for getting fitter. I especially like the fold away model which one could take on a holiday as it would surely fit in the boot of your car.

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  10. I would to have this lateral equipment. How much does it cost and how will I pay? This is great for indoor exercise specially during winter.
    Argie recently posted..stretch marks on thighsMy Profile

  11. Andrew Shimmers

    That’s another good workout tool. Keep it up! Visit Your URL

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