Who says you need cardio fitness equipment to do your cardio exercises at home? They might be a good addition, but they are not a necessity. Let’s have a closer look at the why and how of cardio training.

The benefits of doing cardio exercises (at home or in the gym) are well known. When exercising aerobically you strengthen your heart, your entire cardio-vascular system and enhance your endurance power.

What Are Cardio Exercises?

“Cardio exercises” is an abbreviation for cardiovascular exercises. These are exercises that strengthen your cardiovascular system, meaning your heart and your blood distribution. They will increase your heart rate and keep it elevated for a certain period of time after you have stopped doing the exercise.

They tend to be low to medium impact exercises, so you can do them over an extended period of time.

Examples are:

  • Elliptical trainer
  • Treadmill
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Cycling
  • Inline skating
  • Jogging
  • Nordic walking
  • Kickboxing
  • Swimming

These exercises are also known as aerobic exercises , in contrast to anaerobic exercises (eg strength training, sprints).

Benefits Of Doing Cardio Exercises

There are many benefits to cardio exercises. We will just list a few of them:

  • strengthens the heart muscle and lungs
  • helps with weight loss due to the body using up stored energy to do the job
  • maximizes the amount of oxygen your body takes in
  • improves blood circulation.
  • strengthens the immune system

I think these are pretty good reasons to do regular Cardio Exercises at home.

Cardio Exercises At Home

As said before, the exercises should be of medium intensity over a longer period of time. A rule of thumb regarding the intensity is that you should be able to have a relaxed conversation while you are doing aerobic exercises. You should keep up doing the workout for at least 15 – 20 minutes, longer if you like.

Now here are some suggestions what you can do as cardio exercises at home, outdoors or in the gym:

  • Jogging on the Spot
    This is probably the easiest way to get started with your home-based cardio exercises. Just by jogging on the spot you can get your heart rate elevated and get a good sweat on if you start moving at a good enough intensity. If you want to make it more challenging just bring your knees up to your chest or your heals up to your butt. To include some upper body workout just hold some light hand weights (< 3lbs) in your hands.
  • Jumping Jacks
    Jumping jacks are great workout because they get both your upper and lower body moving together and you can make them more challenging by picking up the pace. Furthermore, descending into a squat each time you land will make these more difficult, especially for your legs. And you don’t need any equipment besides your own body.
  • Jumping Rope
    Why not have some fun during your cardio exercise – try the jumping rope. You can create a 15- to 60-minute intense total body workout that helps develop lean muscle tissue and burn fat. Jumping rope is challenging and requires focus on balance, coordination, timing and endurance. And you just need a small, very portable piece of equipment.
  • Walking
    This is something you can do anywhere, anytime and even built it into your daily routine. It is a low impact exercise, which is suitable for all age groups. You can increase the impact by turning it into a power walk, walking uphill, including sprints or even speed up to jogging. You don’t need a lot of personal fitness equipment, but make sure you invest in some good shoes. If you don’t want to do it outside, try a treadmill to get you going.
  • Cycling
    This is a great indoor as well as outdoor cardio exercise. If you are using a stationary exercise bike, you can increase the resistance while cycling for added intensity of exercise. In case you plan to cycle outdoors, then it is recommended you cycle uphill for deriving better benefits from the exercise.

Start Your Cardio Exercises At Home Now

So, what is your favourite? Pick the exercise that suits you best and get started. You can invest in some personal cardio exercise equipment (Treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and elliptical machines are among the most common machines used to perform cardio exercises at home) or just get going with minimal or no personal fitness equipment.

Just make sure you get started on your cardio exercises at home today.

Personal Fitness Equipment Adviser


  1. It’s so easy to do cardio exercises at home and it’s a really inexpensive way to get fit.

    You can go for a walk or a run anytime you like. I like to run up the steps of the Opera House.

    It’s a great workout and it’s free. The scenery never gets boring and it makes me feel a little like Rocky. :)

  2. These are all great suggestions for doing your cardio exercises at home. Have you tried hula hooping?

    I know it sounds crazy but you can get a great workout. It does get your heart rate up and it’s great for your core.

  3. Hello Personal Fitness Equipment Adviser,

    Good points about how to get the heart rate up and do cardio exercises at home. I love walking, and having started to jog sometimes (not very far yet) and have noticed the difference to my body when I work out compared to a lazy day.

    Sure feels good when you get moving, and I like your different tips/hints about burning fat.


  4. Jo Carey-Bradshaw

    Hi Renee,

    I really enjoy the concept of doing cardio exercises at home. Amongst other things it is just so darned convenient, and now that I’m spending so much time on the computer, it’s quite a timely reminder. Thank you. :)

  5. Great ideas and after the Turkish meal I had tonight I think I should be jogging on the spot right now. I like the way your article points out that cardio can be done anywhere and even jogging on the spot is doable as cardio. My favourite cardio at the moment is Zumba and that can be done at home also.

  6. I do exercise at home as it is easier to fit it in with the kids etc. I really like my Elliptical trainer but am also aware that it is important to get variety into what you are doing. Enjoyed reading your suggestions.

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  8. Regardless of the standard of the client, the interval principle is the same – alternate periods of higher intensity exercise with periods of recovery. Interval training allows significant overload of the cardiorespiratory system which will result in very good increases inside the both anaerobic and aerobic fitness although also being, according to some experts, the ultimate fat burning workout since of extremely high degrees of EPOC. Certainly, a difficult interval session can result in really high heart rates and elevated body temperature for numerous hours after exercise has concluded which is really a excellent indicator that the metabolism is really revved up even at rest.

  9. Aerobic exercises expand our cardiovascular systems, decrease our heart rate and improve our lungs’ breathing capacity. A lower heart rate and reduced breath count raises effectiveness of our body’s systems cut down on deterioration of our organs, making us fitter and healthier.We generally think of chiropractors as people who relieve back, next and shoulder pain, but chiropractic isn’t just a way to relieve anxiety, tension and headaches. You can find numerous ways in which we can profit from chiropractic care, including the ability to gain more from our physical routines.

  10. Another benefit of an aerobic exercise routine inside your knee exercise program is weight loss. Being overweight is 1 of the biggest causes of knee pain and knee problems. It has been shown that when walking, the knee is subjected to impact equivalent to three times your body weight. Just imagine what this would be if you were running. Keeping your weight down therefore reduces this shock on the knee joint.

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  12. There once was a time when I was hitting the gym every single day of my life. That was when I was still in high school. Nowadays, I don’t wanna work out that hard anymore, so I simply take a long walk on days that I do not workout. I work out every other day now. So I also take a walk every other day. There’s nothing like starting your day with some fresh air. But if you can’t get it at the start of the day, get it at the end of the day. Still better than nothing.
    Ton recently posted..Schwinn 430 Elliptical Review – The Elliptical Machine For YouMy Profile

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